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amazing thailand
amazing deep culture

If you want to have more experience with the amazing secrets of this game,
we would like to welcome you to meet and experience Thailand!

Beliefs that has been passed down
for thousands of years.
Dharma path to end chaos.
Ancient Temples
The beauty and charm
of Buddhism are timeless.
Traditional Thai House
Thai Wisdom of
Residential Architecture
Traditional Thai House
If you want to stay here,
you may visit...
Thai Musical Instruments
Art and culture that are unique
to Thai music.
Old Hermit
The teacher who imparted knowledge
to all humanity.
Worship Dancers
It is believed to relieve the sense
of obligation
“Su Tong Pae” Bamboo Bridge
Magic of faith
Benjapakee Amulets
Representations of belief and faith that have been passed
on from generation to generation of Thais.
Sorcerer’s Magic Knife
Powerful talisman
and weapon
Sak Yant
If you want to stay here,
From the mystical symbols
and faith to international recognition.
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During a time when travel restrictions are still in place around most of the world,
people can still explore and learn about Thailand’s Amazing Deep Culture through this game.

And as the world reopens to tourism after the pandemic,
Thailand will be ideally positioned to welcome back travelers
and lead them on a healing spiritual journey.

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